Keys to Success in Your Work Environment

Many employees feel at ease hiding behind the computer, doing their work and avoiding any type of conflict or confrontation.  Although uncomfortable at first, getting over intimidation in the workplace can actually enhance career opportunities.  The key is to be “polite and powerful” in nature.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Word usage: Try not to use words like “kinda”, “sorta” and “maybe”.  Be more direct and precise with the words that you choose to use.

Tone of voice: Speak in a steady, confident tone so that others will take notice.

Body language: Make sure to stand tall and present yourself in a confident manner.  The way you project yourself speaks volumes.

Eye contact: It is important to look the person directly in the eye when talking to him/her.

An assertive manner often reflects a confident employee.  Others will respect a confident employee.  Also, sharing ideas and forming relationships with others creates a comfortable, productive work environment.  Being “polite and powerful” in the workplace leads to a successful career.