10 Qualities of a Good Employee

Every employer is looking for hardworking employees that they can count on to be long-term members of their team.  If you are trying to prove yourself as a valued employee, remember that there are some basic characteristics you can display to impress your supervisor and increase your job security.

1.  Have good attendance.  Be punctual and show up for every scheduled shift.

2.  Dress appropriately for your work environment.

3.  Have a positive attitude about your job.  Always be polite to coworkers and supervisors.

4.  Be prepared for work every day.  Pay attention, take notes, and follow instructions carefully.

5.  Ask questions if you don’t understand an assignment.

6.  Be open to learning new things, such as computer programs or the daily duties of a coworker.  Take responsibility when you make mistakes throughout the learning process.

7.  Be a team player.  Collaborate with coworkers on projects, offer suggestions, and be open to the advice of others.

8.  Take initiative.  Go above and beyond your supervisor’s expectations and find work to do before you are asked.

9.  Be honest.  It is important that your employer feels they can trust you.

10.  Learn about the history and mission of your company.  Being knowledgeable shows that you care about your company.

Displaying these qualities can change a temporary assignment into a permanent job, qualify you for a promotion, or simply earn you the respect you deserve!  It may also increase your own feeling of job satisfaction.