Phone Manners

Maintaining a professional manner on the phone is very important when searching for a new job.  One important thing to think about before sending out resumes is having a professional message on your voicemail.  Employers are likely to be turned off by an obnoxious message.  It is best to keep things simple.  Your voicemail is a representation of you, so set up a basic, professional message that is polite.  Also, many cell phone providers allow users to setup “ring-back” tones that play music when someone calls.  If you decide to do this, be cautious of what song you choose so you don’t seem unprofessional.

In addition to having a professional voicemail message, it is also important to keep your phone on and handy.  After sending out resumes, you need to be prepared for employers to call.  Keep a notepad and pen near your phone so you can write down details about a job or an interview if someone calls.  Also, if possible, keep a copy of your resume in a place you can reach quickly and easily if you need it.  If you miss a call, be sure to check your messages right away.  Try to return calls within 24 hours, and be sure you’re prepared when you call back.  You want to sound as organized and professional as possible every time you speak with an employer.