Follow Up

It is very important to follow up with an employer after an interview. This shows them that you are interested and serious about the position. Here are some suggestions:


Always get the business card from the person that interviewed you. This will make following up easier because you will have important information, such as correct spelling, title and address of the interviewer.

Make sure to always send a thank you note. Email is perfectly acceptable. This will leave a positive impression in the interviewer?s mind.

Touch base with the company if you haven?t heard from them in a week. Remind the employer of who you are and that you are still interested in the position. If you can?t talk directly to the interviewer, leave a message.

It is always a good idea to be in contact with the employer after the interview. You are not bothering them; you are showing them your continued interest in the position. If you do get passed over for the position, you can still gain something from the situation. Ask the interviewer why you were passed over. Knowing what you have to improve on will help you in your next interview!