How to Job Search While You’re Still Employed

Finding a job is a full-time job in itself, so looking for work while you’re still employed can be especially difficult. It’s important that you set time aside to devote to your job search – and this means outside of your regularly scheduled working hours! Also, you want to avoid letting your current employer know that you’re looking elsewhere until you’re ready to give notice. Learn how to do just that by following our advice below:

  1. Don’t job hunt while you’re at work!
    • This includes working on your resume, applying for jobs, surfing the job boards, etc.
  2. Don’t take/make calls and emails from hiring managers or recruiters at your desk.
    • If you need to communicate regarding a potential opportunity, do so over your lunch or coffee break, and make sure to leave your office to make these calls in private.
    • This also means you should list your personal phone number and email address on your resume – not your work contact info.
  3. Don’t post your resume all over job boards.
    • If your current employer is hiring, it’s very likely that they browse job boards in order to find candidates, and they will know that you are looking elsewhere if they come across your resume.
    • Take advantage of job alerts instead of posting your resume. This way you will receive emails about potential job opportunities directly from the job boards.