The Do’s & Don’ts of Requesting Time Off

• Give your employer plenty of notice before taking time off.
• Try to plan your vacations, trips, etc. around your supervisor’s and coworkers’ schedules to avoid taking time off at the same time as the rest of the office.
• Put your time off request in writing – a verbal request could easily be forgotten.
• Try to schedule any doctor’s appointments, etc. during your lunch break, so that you don’t need to miss work.
• Save your sick days for when you are actually sick – you never know when/if you will need them.

• Request a lot of time off after just starting a new position.
• Request time off at the last minute – for example, you shouldn’t wait until Friday to ask for that Monday off.
• Assume you are guaranteed time off around holidays – always be sure to ask your employer about the holiday schedule and request time off if needed.
Use all of your paid time off at once – try to avoid missing a large amount of work at one time by spreading out your time off throughout the year.