Social Media And Professional Networking: Two Peas In A Pod

It can be so easy to place one’s social media profiles into separate buckets. Use Facebook to connect with old classmates and family. Log onto Snapchat to send rapid-fire messages to close friends and Twitter to demonstrate one’s cleverness in 140 characters. Use LinkedIn to…network? “Networking is speaking to an individual in the hope of learning about them and potentially helping them…It’s about learning and helping,” according to Michael Goldberg, an author, networking expert, and adjunct professor at Rutgers University. But is it possible to successfully network via social media?

Of course it is! But knowing that’s the case is not as easy as actually taking steps to do so effectively. Below, we present four tips you should consider when trying to leverage your expansive social media presence into a job offer:

Manners (and grammar!) are critical

In a 2012 Jobvite social recruiting survey, 54 percent of respondents responded equally negatively to both spelling and grammatical errors on LinkedIn profiles and to provocative photos on Facebook profiles. While a polite affect and respectful countenance seem like second nature in the real world, such behavior can fall by the wayside online.

Don’t forget the “social” part of “social media”

Contacts on social media can be found in the unlikeliest of places, but only if you stay proactive! This means joining online groups; adding friends, former employers, and acquaintances; liking and/or commenting on others’ statuses; or even something as simple as sending someone a friendly “happy birthday” message. Such basic steps can help you secure a place in the back of someone’s mind; that way, when he or she hears about a job opening, he or she will think of you first!

Serve as a “connector” or “linker”

Karma is key! It might seem like a burden to help others when you’re dedicating so much time to seeking your own employment, but what goes around certainly comes around (especially on social media). Connecting a colleague with your contacts recruits yet another person to help you out with your own job search.

Think BIG

The Internet has changed the world by making it a much smaller place and leveling the playing field for interactions between people of all backgrounds; your dream contact or job is closer now than ever before! If you keep connecting, you never know who you will meet!