Temp of the Month

Cheri Dozier

Cheri attended Howard University where she majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. Following a break from college, Cheri moved forward with pursuing professional experience in the areas of federal banking, administrative support, logistics management, and corporate events.

In 2017, Cheri refocused her professional efforts toward the medical field and became a Logistics Analyst for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Cheri worked closely with VA Clinical Pharmacists, Respiratory Therapists, Triage Nurses, and Nurse Care Managers to propose, implement, and execute best practices to improve the Veteran experience at the VA. Cheri also actively supported the VA’s Suicide Prevention, Innovators Network, and Diffusion of Excellence projects. Cheri enjoys community service and served as a Community Service Chair, as well as provided service opportunities at Walter Reed, National Institutes of Health, and Martha’s Table.

In 2019, Cheri entered the medical non-profit sector and currently supports international efforts to provide better health outcomes for developing regions in the areas of sanitation and hygiene, reproductive/maternal and child health, and malaria treatment. Cheri is a music and arts enthusiast and enjoys visiting the Barnes Foundation and Museum of Modern Art often.

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