Temp of the Month

Rosaland Ramseur-Ford

“My work history began at the early age of 16. During my senior year of high school I was a participant of DC’s Summer Youth program, and that experience introduced me to working in an office setting. I’ve always paid attention to details and I have a true appreciation for things being well organized, however I believe my critical thinking skills and my ability to multi-task efficiently in fast-paced office environments are my best assets that have proven to benefit my previous employers tremendously.

“Once graduating from high school, I continued my education endeavors by entering a telecommunications and computer repair training programs in which I excelled as a student and mentor to fellow students. Although I value the knowledge I obtained in the telecommunications and computer repair industries, once I entered the workforce I soon realized that working with machines was not as fulfilling to me as it had been when I was working with people in team oriented office settings.

“At that point I made a shift in my career path, and began to pursue administrative and office support employment opportunities which over the years has resulted in me acquiring a wealth of skills and qualifications while partnering with companies ranging from auto body shops to hospitals, nursing homes, and home care agencies.

“After experiencing being laid off from my employer of 6 years, then taking a year off from working outside of the home, I chose Whitman Associates as my means to slowly re-enter the workforce. I’m so glad I did! The staff members are both pleasant and professional, and they have an excellent client base that offer various work schedules. That flexibility is a major plus for me as I also juggle the responsibility of running a family business.  I am pleased to have partnered with Whitman Associates for several months now, and plan to continue until I obtain a permanent position.”

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