Why Is Whitman Associates the Best Temp Agency in D.C.?

Whitman Associates, Inc. is celebrating over 50 years of providing expert staffing services to the DMV professional community, so it’s no surprise that the organizations and individuals who have worked with our team have found their experience to be extraordinary. Our vast network of professional connections, caring and experienced team, and wealth of employment resources truly make us stand out. Read the testimonials below to discover what employers and employees have to say about working with the best temp agency in D.C.

Rumyana Grizzle
Rumyana Grizzle
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I can’t thank Julia, Chace, and the Whitman team enough for their exceptional support in landing my dream job. From resume advice to interview preparation, their expertise was invaluable. The personalized approach and genuine concern for my success set them apart. If you’re seeking dedicated professionals to guide your career journey, Whitman is the team to trust. Highly recommend!
Kelly Paulson
Kelly Paulson
We worked with Whitman Associates to find staff to support a large event. They were incredibly responsive, easy to work with, and respectful of the staff they sent. The staff hired were responsible, timely, attentive, and hardworking.
Rumyana Grizzle
Rumyana Grizzle
Grateful for Whitman Associates' exceptional support in landing my dream job! Their expertise and dedication made the journey smooth and rewarding. Highly recommended!
Arya Pazhwak
Arya Pazhwak
Highly recommend! Whitman reached out to me during my job search process and helped connect me to positions of interest. They guided me every step of the way, and were always just a call or email away when I had questions or followed up after my interviews. Ultimately, they helped me land my current role, which was my top pick! Thank you to Chace, Julie, Laila, Maggie, and the rest of the team!
Whitman has been nothing short of a miracle! After 15+ months being unemployed during the dreadful pandemic I was able to be placed on a 3-6 month assignment at an amazing non-profit organization within 2-3 weeks of connecting with them. I’ve worked for many temp agencies in my career and they send you job description after job description, get you all excited then crickets. Whitman on the other hands down gets the job done, love this agency! Thanks Ladies, you Rock!
Bernadine Francis
Bernadine Francis
It has truly been my pleasure to work for a fantastic organization like Whitman. When I retired I went searching for a temp agency and I found Whitman. Julie, Maggie and Chace made the application process seem effortless. This group of ladies are efficient, reliable and friendly. I have been sent on assignments that has enhanced my knowledge, but most of all I have enjoyed them tremendously and I am always paid on time. Whitman not only met my expectations, they have exceeded them. THANK YOU WHITMAN!
Faith Kessler
Faith Kessler
I definitely recommend for those looking for temporary work or a career shift in the DC area! At Whitman, it feels that a real effort is made to get to know you, find out what your goals are and how they can best help.
Keisha Taylor
Keisha Taylor
I highly recommend Whitman for Employers and Employees alike. I received a job assignment from them and have since been hired full time. My association also uses Whitman anytime we need temporary help. They always send the best employees. Julie, my primary contact at Whitman, is very caring and a pleasure to work with. When I know of people who are looking for work, or want to hire someone, I always recommend Whitman.
Hyebin Kim
Hyebin Kim
Whitman Associates placed me with a great company that suited my needs and values! Great recruitment company, can't recommend it enough.
Rachel Butler
Rachel Butler
I was referred to Whitman Associates by a friend (who couldn't say enough good things about the agency) after graduating from college and moving to the DMV. I didn't know what next steps I needed to take, but I knew I needed a job. The recruitment/placement specialists at Whitman moved quickly to help me find the perfect matches for both temporary and eventually permanent work. They were responsive and attentive and I could not be happier with my placement! I recommend Whitman to any recent grads, anyone new to the area, or anyone else looking for a staffing/temp agency. Thank you Whitman!

“I worked with Whitman Associates. They are by far and away the best temp agency I can recommend. The assignments were clear, very fun, and they helped me land the exact permanent job I was looking for. Also all the ladies at Whitman are amazing. 5 stars!”
– Tom Klag, Former Temporary Employee

“My mid-life career switch had me confident about the changes I wanted to make, but I had little idea about how to begin. A referral to Whitman allowed me to take those steps into the unknown with the guidance and support of their welcoming, responsive team. A first placement turned into a terrific permanent position. I highly and gratefully recommend Whitman Associates for the doors they open to their clients’ next adventure.”
– Jessica Lefkow, Administrative Assistant

“I had the privilege of working with Julie and her team to fill a Sr. Executive Assistant position, and I couldn’t be more pleased. The candidate we hired was outstanding and the Whitman team was professional, efficient, and spot-on during the whole process. I’d work with Julie and her team again in a heartbeat!”
– Adriana Lacerda, Vice President Operations

“Whitman Associates, Inc. has been wonderful to work with. The initial process, on-going support, and job outcome have all been exceptional. Highly recommend!”
– Mary Huber, Former Temporary Employee

“Julie, as always, I am so grateful for ALL the assistance and guidance you have given me over the past 20+ years. You gave me the opportunity to learn and grow within my positions, guided me as I moved up in my career. Now that I am with WMATA (DC Metro), I feel I have found the place to end my career (many years left though). I feel so blessed to be where I am, but I could not have done it without you.”
– Jose Reyes, Former Temporary Employee

“I have been quite fortunate in my career to use Whitman Associates. I will be forever grateful to their team.
Twice since 2007, they have found a perfect match for me with an employer. In February 2007,they hired me as a temp for hire at a quasi-government agency in Washington, DC. I started as the receptionist, two months later I was hired full-time. When I left in 2020, I had been promoted several times and was working as a Project Coordinator for the department of External Affairs.
This year I returned to the workforce again thanks to Whitman and their instinct for finding me another perfect match. On June 21, I began as a temp for hire working part-time for an historic society at their headquarters in Washington, DC. On October 4th I became a permanent employee. So far, I am really enjoying my new position.
Please reach out to Whitman Associates if you need employment. Trying to find new employment on my own during the Pandemic was frustrating and depressing. When I called Whitman, I was greeted warmly and with respect.
They will speak with you personally after you submit a resume and take some online tests. They really listen to your needs, including location, hours, and salary. The whole staff is supportive and knowledgeable.
– Linda Takacs, Former Temporary Employee

“Whitman Associates is an amazing staffing company that we use whenever we need to fill staffing needs – usually at a moment’s notice. No matter the time of day, they are super responsive, and they are always prepared with a very long list of candidates to choose from – high quality candidates. I am not sure how they do it, but I am a very happy customer. Their team is always professional, very responsive to your needs – this is why I have been a long term customer of theirs. Keep up the great work!”
– Gillian Shurland, Director 

“Julie at Whitman understood our needs and found us the perfect temp which is now a permanent part of our team. She is responsive, easy and fun to work with!”
– Michelle Everett, Associate Director of Management Services

“Hands down, Whitman Associates is one of the best staffing agencies, if not the best, in Washington, DC. I had never used a staffing agency before, and this was a pleasant experience. I found Whitman online late last year and decided to use their service after not being able to find a job on my own.
Julie and her team were very helpful, responsive, and professional. After sending my resume to Whitman, I received a call for an interview with them a few days later. During this job search process, they called me about several positions that matched with my qualifications. Finally, I was able to work for a nonprofit as a temp for a few months which now has turned into a permanent position with great pay and generous benefits. I am forever grateful for the Whitman Associates team (Julie, Maggie, Chace, and Madeline) for their excellent service. I highly recommend them for job seekers and employers.”
– Victor Pattinakotta, Former Temporary Employee

“Whitman Associates was very helpful in helping us find some very much needed office help. The person they found for us is extremely responsible, punctual and professional. We couldn’t be more thrilled with him. They were also very responsive, prompt and professional throughout the entire process.”
– Jessica Lee, Operations

“We are small but very busy government relations firm. Whitman helped us find our first temporary executive assistant. She worked out fantastically well, and we made her a full-time employee. I would highly recommend Whitman and use them again to help find the next member of our team.”
– Jeffrey Wiener, Partner

“I have to say I absolutely LOVE Whitman! My company only uses temps from Whitman unless it’s a specialty such as IT and then we will go elsewhere. Many of our full-time employees came to us through Whitman Associates and I have never heard any of them say anything negative about the company. I handle all the temp needs and new hires where I work and deal with Julie exclusively (others if she’s on vacation). She has contacted me when she’s on the way home, or after she gets home…her commitment doesn’t stop when she walks out of that door on I St. NW. I have never known Julie (or anyone else from there) to be anything but professional.”
– Donna Crum, Senior Manager of Human Resources

“The caliber of staff at Whitman is always stellar. I received several calls from staff today complimenting your temp’s professional handling of both directing calls and guests. It has been a joy having her with us. Many thanks for sending her to us.”
– Veronika Arrington, Office Manager

“I began using the services of Whitman Associates in the early 1980s. It is a business relationship that has served my employers well. Whitman interviews thoroughly to understand my needs, and refers only high quality staff and temporaries. Whitman has placed executive support staff, customer call center representatives, association member support staff, and IT technicians. Over time, Whitman’s staff comes to know the characteristics of a great hire for your employer. All of these things mean a quicker time-to-hire for me, and that makes for a happy HR department and an even happier hiring manager.”
– Betsy Davis, SPHR, Staff Director, Human Resources

“We have worked with Whitman Associates over the past 6 years for temporary services and have found their temps very professional and well-trained. We have also used Whitman Associates to secure permanent placement services for support staff and have been very happy with the experience of the candidates that were interviewed and the staff we have hired.”
– Louise A. Kamali, Director, Meetings & Office Services

“The Whitman Associates’ staff is a team of true professionals. I had the pleasure to work with Linda several years ago on an Executive Assistant search for a highly visible non-profit organization and was impressed not only by the quality of the candidates she presented to me, but also her exceptional service and responsiveness to her client’s needs. When I was recently faced with the challenge of finding an Executive Assistant for a new organization, Whitman was the first and only agency I contacted. Their highly competent and friendly staff helped me fill this position within 3 weeks!”
– Kerryn Kent, Director, Human Resources and Administrative Services

“I was working with a multitude of staffing agencies (some of which were located within walking distance of Whitman) and I never came across a more professional and responsive team. I was given resume tips as well as feedback right after my interview. Placement agencies can be difficult to get a hold of, but the recruiters at Whitman helped me tremendously in the process. They were transparent in their job descriptions and made my needs top priority. I felt valued from the moment I spoke to them and that was very encouraging. I would recommend this agency to anyone searching without hesitation!”
-Sonmbal Bhatti, Temporary Employee

“After experiencing being laid off from my employer of 6 years, then taking a year off from working outside of the home, I chose Whitman Associates as my means to slowly re-enter the workforce. I’m so glad I did! The staff members are both pleasant and professional, and they have an excellent client base that offer various work schedules. That flexibility is a major plus for me as I also juggle the responsibility of running a family business. I am pleased to have partnered with Whitman Associates for several months now, and plan to continue until I obtain a permanent position.”
-Rosaland Ramseur-Ford, Temporary Employee

“When I initially joined Whitman, I was very excited at the opportunity to spread my wings and move to the District. I was very wary and concerned of the dramatic change and timing of these changes, but I reached out anyway and jumped in the proverbial deep-end. Upon applying, Kim reached out and enthusiastically welcomed me for an interview and made sure I was successful. She managed to accommodate my interview and needs into one day, accommodating a long trip from North Carolina. She made sure I was set for success and even understood when I needed to remove my name from consideration for a few months based on a change in my graduation date. I then met Julie on my second trip whilst preparing for an interview for NACD. Julie helped me to be successful by providing tips that would help me stand out as an exceptional candidate. Not only did Julie and Kim put me at ease with my interview, they guided me every step of the way and held me accountable. They went well above and beyond their duties and I couldn’t have been more pleased…My experience with your firm has been far beyond exceptional. I’ve had bad experiences with other firms that made me uncomfortable, but your team is absolutely the best. I cannot enumerate enough my deep gratitude for all that your team has done to set me up for success – your team is the single reason I’ve achieved the perfect life balance thus far.”
– Kevin Jacobs, Member Engagement Associate

“Thank you for pairing me with temporary positions quickly and consistently these past 4 months as I sought a permanent position. I found the hiring process to be simple and effective. I am especially grateful for the warmth and assistance provided by Julie and Kim. As I move forward with a permanent position, I hope to continue my relationship with Whitman when I seek an evening/weekend position in the near future. Again, thank you for the wonderful experience.”
– Jasmine A., Former Temporary Employee

“Thank you for my wonderful Whitman experience. The more I hear from friends about how bad it is ‘out there’ looking for work, the more grateful I become for finding such a great temp agency that went above and beyond to find me an EXCELLENT place to work, and so quickly! I love working here and I know I wouldn’t be here without you. All your efforts are truly appreciated! Thanks again for all that you do!”
– Candace R., Front Desk Associate

“I have been working with Whitman Associates for over 10 years. My assignments have been with some of the most prestigious companies in the Washington Metropolitan Area. I attribute that to my resume, my testing scores, but mostly my interview. It’s obvious that the business community considers Whitman a five star agency. My working relationship and lines of communication with Whitman have been nothing but positive. Whitman’s placement officers do an excellent job in matching the right individuals with the right company. On assignment, I’ve met many employers who state they hired some of their best permanent employees through Whitman. I highly recommend Whitman Associates to job seekers with a strong work ethic.”
– Linda Stewart, Temporary Employee

“I came to Whitman a few weeks ago and felt really good after my meeting with a job counselor. Within a week of that first meeting, I was placed in a temporary position. The staff there is very helpful, and I felt like they really wanted to help me get placed somewhere that would be a good fit for me!”
– Caroline Wearn, Former Temporary Employee

“After working with a few other staffing agencies in the area which lead to little success (most just cared about filling the position with the client instead of finding a good match for me) I turned to Whitman Associates, Inc to assist me in my job search. I found Whitman’s process to be very straightforward and Julie specifically to be great to work with. Julie really cared about what types of positions I was interested in and finding a good fit for me. Just 2 weeks after meeting with Julie, I received a great offer from a very reputable company and am so excited to begin my career. I am so happy to have learned about Whitman’s services and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for temp or direct-hire positions.”
– Emily Van Daniker, Communications Administrative Assistant

“Best temporary and permanent staffing agency in DC. The staff at Whitman Associates is extremely professional and offers great customer service. They genuinely care about their temp workers and do their best to find them work. Whitman Associate’s quality, by far exceeds the other temp agencies.”
– Allison Moses, Former Temporary Employee

“When I first moved to the Washington area, I interviewed with several agencies. Whitman Associates stood out head and shoulders above them all. Linda provided me with excellent guidance and was an extraordinary advocate. Within a week of signing up with Whitman, I’d found the exact kind of position I was hoping for! Not only did Whitman Associates help me acquire my first job in DC, but three years later they were also there for me in my first Office Manager position when I needed to hire a skilled professional to fill a temporary job opening with our company. The employee they provided worked out so well that we created a position and kept him on full time! Having worked with Whitman Associates from both sides, I can honestly say that they provide exceptional service to both the employee and employer. I value my relationship with Whitman Associates and highly recommend them to my colleagues and friends.”
– Kiersten King Blazosky, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Office Manager

“I’ve never forgotten the stellar job Julie did finding me a position. I’d been in DC a mere week fresh from Boston and Julie placed me immediately and very cleverly! The position I took was just at the front desk, but Julie knew another staff member would be leaving shortly and that I could work my way into her position with my background, which is what I did (and then some!). The entire trajectory of my career hinged on that placement. I ended up working there for five years, and after a series of promotions I was able to secure the position that I have now; Vice President for IT and Communications Management at a national trade association. I tell people this story whenever I try to encourage them to make big moves or ask for help.”
– Niambi Edwards, Vice President for IT and Communications Management

“Thank you Whitman. I would highly recommend this temp agency to anyone. I literally sent in my resume on a Saturday and had my first step job by that Wednesday.”
– Karla Acevedo, Former Temporary Employee

“When I lost my F/T job, I was working at a temp job for Whitman the very next day. I was always kept employed, and therefore always had money coming in, and even more importantly, had a measure of self respect about my situation. From having worked with Whitman temporary employees in the past, I knew that everyone for whom I worked in that period had certain expectations of quality and work performance based on Whitman’s reputation in the metro area.”
– Phillip Blackmon, Administrative Assistant

“I have worked with a number of temporary agencies in a variety of cities. Usually temping is just a way to make money, but Whitman Associates really tries to help people find assignments in or related to their field, turning temping into a great way to network. Additionally, my interactions with Julie, and the other staff members, have always been very positive. I really feel that they have my best interest at heart and are committed to helping me further my career.”
– Heidi Cooper, Temporary Employee

“I wanted to extend my thanks to the staff at Whitman Associates. I really appreciate all the jobs you’ve assigned me over the last two years. Your understanding of my theatre schedule and the effort made to place me closer to home was not unnoticed. The longer assignments helped me test my hand at different companies, and the shorter assignments filled in the gaps nicely. I was honored to be the Temp of the Month in December. That recognition really drove home that I could take on a full time position. As I become full time, I recognize I would not be here without your help. I look forward to suggesting Whitman Associates to friends and colleagues in the future. Thank you again.”
– Sarah Kamins, Former Temporary Employee

“My primary career is in the entertainment business but I rely on temping assignments to make ends meet. When I moved to DC 18 months ago, I applied to 3 temping agencies. After testing and interviewing with all 3 agencies, I received an offer from Whitman for a 1-day assignment. I accepted the job and have been relying on Whitman Associates for temp assignments ever since.
I am happy to say that I have never been more than a week without work, once I contacted Julie and expressed availability. Not only does this agency have plenty of short-term opportunities, but they also have a network of firms looking to hire full-time. The staff goes above and beyond to please– Julie even offered tips/advice on sprucing up my resume for future jobs.
If asked to describe Whitman Associates with one word I would choose ‘advocate’ because I always feel that the agency is looking out for my best interests. They find appropriate jobs that match my skills set, ensure their client is satisfied and then check to make sure I am happy with the match as well. Not every agency cares about the temp satisfaction level as much as the client’s, but I have found one who does!”
– Christi Keeney, Temporary Employee

“I sincerely appreciate how hard Julie worked to find me a temporary position. Compared to my concurrent experience with another agency, I found this operation much better run. Yes, Julie is going to make you prove to her that you are worth being a part of her portfolio. (My interview with her was by far my worst performance to date!) But after passing the sniff test and earning her trust, she’s going to go to work for you. That is in fact what it is all about.
Within a week of meeting with her, I had an interview (and got the job!) with one of her clients. The client companies she works with have existing relationships with her and take her word that her candidates are quality even if they are ‘outside of the usual profile’ for a certain position. THAT is powerful networking. It’s worth noting that within two days of working with the client, I met someone who was placed by Julie several years ago and has considerably climbed the corporate ladder.
Keep in mind with any temp agency that it works both ways. You, a potential candidate, are an investment of trust on their part with client companies they’ve had for years. Your work ethic is representative of the temp agency to their client, for however long. Every time Julie sets up an interview, she is staking her personal and professional reputation with both you and her long term clients. Take that to heart in a small place like DC.”
– Courtney Coffin, Temporary Executive Assistant

“My experience with Whitman Associates has been a very positive one. I felt a good relationship was built because it developed not only on a professional level, but on a personal one as well – a balance that is not found in many agencies. I felt as though my work goals were really listened to and were linked to the temporary positions that were found for me as closely as possible. Whitman Associates was always easily accessible and responded to any questions or concerns I had promptly. There is no doubt that I would recommend Whitman Associates to anyone in the DC area hoping to find temporary work.”
– Maura Bulger, Temporary Employee

“You hired me when I couldn’t pay to get a job, and for that I will forever be grateful. You are all wonderful.”
– Anthony Anderson, Administrative Assistant

“While working for Whitman, it felt like they were working for me as much as I was working for them. The exposure to a variety of office settings taught me a variety of lessons I have taken to my current job and will continue to use in the future.”
– Brackett Smith, Temporary Employee

“Thank you so much for the opportunities you’ve given me! I can honestly say that you’ve changed my life! You are all incredibly kind, and I knew I was in the right hands the first day I stepped into the office. I’m so grateful!”
– Joie Sherman, Office Manager

“Thank you so much for all of your help. I felt like I was getting a call from Whitman at least twice a week about new opportunities and/or checking in with me. You all kept searching and contacting me with new positions and I am tremendously appreciative of your efforts and my current full time position! Whitman did for me in a matter of weeks what I’d been trying to do for a month and a half. I couldn’t be happier with my placement and am truly grateful for how hard you all work to help your temps find positions. Thank you again.”
– Kelley Brown, Former Temporary Employee

“In the first quarter of 2005, my career entered a period of serious renovation. Seeking the guidance and placement of the Whitman Associates, Inc. team was truly the best decision I could have made. My first (and forever) impression of the team was that of being welcomed into a family. Unlike other companies, I never felt like a random number in an agency. My name was known and I enjoyed the warm greetings when entering their location. My skills, passions and goals were all carefully analyzed before being placed. I found tremendous comfort in being able to have a say in my job placements. Their insight and accessibility to reputable employers afforded me a very prosperous career in the Facility Management profession at a phenomenal company. After three years of being in my newly renovated career, I still contact my family at Whitman Associates, Inc. for advice and good cheer. My friends, Whitman Associates, Inc. will forever be the cornerstone of my career.”
– Morris Hendricks, Facilities

“I really appreciated all of the support and kindness Whitman gave me over the past couple of months. Working with Whitman really helped me get established in DC. Thank you for the excellent service and patience! I will be sure to recommend Whitman to anyone I know!”
– Kim Lyon, Temporary Employee

“It has been a really great experience working with your firm. Whitman is very thoughtful and thorough in their job placements. You worked with me so effortlessly it appeared as if you just ‘magically’ found the right position for me, and so quickly too! You and your staff are incredible. You all made me feel very special. I love the positive atmosphere of your office. You ladies are awesome! Thank you so very much.”
– Laurel Ihator, Executive Assistant

“My experience with Whitman Associates has been a very fulfilling one since joining them in January 2008. Their staff is top shelf and totally professional. They are the best in the Washington Metropolitan Area. They believed in me when others didn’t. I trust them implicitly with their judgment in placing me at some of the best places in the area to work. Whitman is the BEST of the BEST!!!…better than any of those agencies that claim to be the best. I know first hand how great Whitman Associates is and what they can do. They have worked diligently and steadily in keeping me working, and for that I’m eternally grateful to them for taking a chance on me the way that they did. So join the Whitman team! It will be one of the best experiences you will ever have.”
– Michelle Hinnant Spencer, Administrative Assistant

“Whitman Associates does a phenomenal job of recommending job searchers to top tier companies. I have had a very positive experience with Julie especially. Julie goes above and beyond to pair job searchers with roles that best fit their qualifications and salary needs. She has been a breath of fresh air to work with.”
– Samantha Bertrand, Candidate

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