Temporary Staffing

Who Needs Temporary Staffing Solutions?

Whitman Associates provides various temporary staffing solutions designed to fit your needs. Whether you are in the process of filling a permanent job, covering a vacation spot, or just needing some extra assistance for a day or two, we can help.

We frequently offer our temporary staffing solutions to clients for the following reasons:

  • Completing a time-sensitive project while saving costs
  • Beta testing a new position to learn its requirements and qualifications, such as number of hours and specific skills
  • Saving training costs for a specialized role, which might include a paralegal or event coordinator, for one-time or short-term projects
  • Covering for an absent permanent employee who is temporarily away from the office

Our busy location in Washington, D.C. provides our team with the perfect blend of high-profile clients and high-caliber temporary candidates who are eager to hear from us for the right opportunity to showcase their skills and background.

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Simplify the Hiring Process With Whitman Associates

As you know so well, the hiring process is often exhausting when doing it yourself. Instead, work with Whitman Associates — the D.C.-area recruiting industry expert ready to shoulder the load.

  • Review employees’ resumes to scan for core skills that our D.C.-area clients need most.
  • Meet and interview employees face to face for more in-depth screening.
  • Test for technical skills that include typing, working with spreadsheets, and producing Word and Google Documents.
  • Perform background checks, verify references and scan social media activity, as needed. Assess language skills, including grammar and spelling.

How Do We Find Your Temp-to-Perm Candidates?

Since 1972, Whitman Associates staffing recruiters have consistently focused on our clients’ needs when inviting talented candidates on board. We have developed and cultivated a spectrum of local channels that consistently provide us with easy access to Washington, D.C.’s most talented workers.

Our clients frequently ask, “How can I find temp staffing near me?”

Our recruiting team regularly has great success making contact with highly qualified candidates in the D.C. area via the following channels and strategies:

  • Direct advertising
  • Social media sites
  • Networking events
  • Local and national job boards

This multipronged approach provides us with a variety of energetic and highly motivated candidates who aren’t looking for just any job — they are looking for the right job.

Can We Find Talent for Clients in Any Industry or Field?

We work with businesses of every type and level — including private firms, nonprofit agencies, federal entities, state and local organizations, and other businesses in the Washington, D.C. area.

Following are just a few of the standard job titles and general professional roles that we cover for organizations in and around D.C.:

  • Administrative and executive assistant roles
  • Reception-area services
  • Event coordinating and public relations
  • Legal secretarial functions
  • Paralegal and legal research duties
  • Accounting Specialists
  • Much more …

Testimonials From Satisfied Clients of Whitman Associates

We encourage you to visit our Testimonials page, where others looking for something more than just a standard temp agency have shared their experiences of working with us.

Here is one testimonial from a satisfied client with whom we have worked for decades:

“I began using the services of Whitman Associates in the early 1980s. It is a business relationship that has served my employers well. Whitman interviews thoroughly to understand my needs, and refers only high quality staff and temporaries. Whitman has placed executive support staff, customer call center representatives, association member support staff, and IT technicians. Over time, Whitman’s staff comes to know the characteristics of a great hire for your employer. All of these things mean a quicker time-to-hire for me, and that makes for a happy HR department and an even happier hiring manager.”
– Betsy Davis, SPHR, Staff Director, Human Resources

We appreciate the time it takes our busy clients to write a candid review of their experience with Whitman Associates. We hope our valued clients’ testimonials resonate with you — helping you see that you are not the first HR manager experiencing a certain hiring challenge that our recruiting team can handle quickly and effectively.

Have Any Questions?

Please email our recruiters at clients@whitmanjobs.com or call (202) 659-2111 to discuss your temporary and temp-to-hire staffing needs.