Job Search Advice

Looking for a job can feel arduous and lengthy, no matter how much experience you have in your industry. While there’s no guaranteed way to secure lasting, meaningful employment, Whitman Associates, Inc. has the resources to support you during the process. Explore the articles below for curated advice for job seekers that has been categorized by topic for easy browsing and reference. 

Find Purpose in the Waiting

It can be tempting to breathe a big sigh of relief and go straight to the couch when you hit a milestone in your job search like turning in an application or finishing an interview. But though celebrating accomplishment is important, it’s even more critical for you to recognize how much you can still do during this time.

So much of the job search is a waiting game, even if you’re hoping to get hired through a staffing agency. Some simple advice for job seekers in the midst of this process is to find purpose in the waiting. In other words, use that time to your advantage. While you’re waiting for that phone call or email response, you could tinker with your resume, sharpen a relevant skill or even brush up on a second language to make you a more attractive candidate. 

Let Us Help You

In addition to advice for job seekers, our career advice resources also include Employment Tips and Advice for Working Professionals. Looking for a job can feel overwhelming, but getting hired through a professional staffing agency like WAI can offer a more streamlined approach. See how our experienced team can help connect you with a temporary or permanent position in your industry. Send us your resume to get started today.