Job Search Advice

Advice for Job Seekers

For job search advice pertaining to your specific work status, please check out the links we have collected below:

Recent College Graduates:

How a Recent Grad (Finally) Got Hired

Preparing for the Real World

3 Tips New Graduates can use to Prepare an Elevator Pitch

Advice for Recent College Grads

Currently Employed Job Seekers:

Job Searching While You’re Already Employed

How to Tell Your Boss You’re Leaving

Job Seekers Returning to Work after an Absence:

Writing Your Comeback Resume after being a Stay-at-Home Parent

Tips for Re-Entering the Workforce

Resume and Cover Letter Advice

For information pertaining to crafting the perfect resume and writing a strong cover letter, please check out the links below:


Crafting A Perfect Modern Resume

5 Common Resume Mistakes

Random Resume Tips

5-Minute Resume Makeover

Important Qualities to Highlight on Your Resume

The Most Important Part of Your Resume

Cover Letters:

6 Simple Steps to Writing a Really Good Cover Letter

Creating the Perfect Cover Letter

3 Steps to a Customized Cover Letter

Interview Advice

For advice on how to ace your next interview, please check out the links below:

Being Punctual for Interviews

10 Key Questions to Ask When Scheduling Your Next Job Interview

5 Items You Should Bring to Every Job Interview

Informational Interview Advice

Job Interview Not Going Well? Here’s 3 Tips for a Quick Recovery

Prepare Now for Tough Job Interviews

Acing Your Phone Interview

How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview

Answering the Dreaded Salary Question

Job Interview Question: Why Did You Leave Your Last Job

Interview Do’s