Advice for Job Seekers

Looking for a job can be challenging, no matter how much experience you have in your industry. While there’s no guaranteed way to quickly secure your dream job, Whitman Associates, Inc. has the resources to support you during the process. Getting a job through a staffing agency can be easier than finding one on your own. 

When a job seeker signs up with a staffing agency, the agency manages the recruitment and hiring process on their behalf. We want our candidates to succeed, so Whitman Associates provides feedback and career counseling throughout every step to increase your chances of success. Moreover, working with a staffing agency opens the door for temporary work – which can fill gaps in your resume and provide income between permanent employment. With Whitman Associates, you are not on your own during your job hunt.

The Job Seeker Tips section of our blog is full of great articles to get you started.

Additionally, feel free to explore the articles below for curated advice for job seekers.

Find purpose in the waiting

In other words, use this time to your advantage. Looking for a job is a waiting game, even if you’re working with a staffing agency. So, our advice for job seekers is to treat the job search like a full-time job. Schedule informational interviews to learn more about the reality of the positions you’re applying to, set goals for how many applications to complete each day, practice interview techniques and research the companies and roles you’re interested in.

If you’re a job seeker worried about the growing gap in your resume, take our advice and exercise this opportunity to polish your qualifications. Look for free or low-cost courses online to learn a new language, develop programming skills or sharpen your software skills.

Remember to celebrate your successes, too. Set goals that are in your control, such as submitting a certain number of applications each day, marking your progress during the search.

Let us help you

In addition to providing general advice for job seekers, our career advice resources also include employment tips and advice for working professionals. Looking for a job can feel overwhelming, but getting hired through a professional staffing agency like Whitman Associates can offer a more streamlined approach because we manage the recruitment process and facilitate your onboarding and paperwork once hired. See how our experienced team can help connect you with a temporary or permanent position in your industry. Send your resume to or call (202) 659-2111 to get started today.