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Hiring Temp to Perm Employees in the Greater Washington, D.C. Area

Many Washington, D.C. area businesses can benefit from hiring temp to perm staff.  This hiring style is the perfect way to meet and vet candidates for a particular position without pressure for either of you. In the meantime, you are keeping your team on track with a talented worker.

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Simplify the process of hiring a temp in the Washington, D.C. metro area with Whitman Associates. We understand the challenges and ultimate value of this unique hiring process. We have proudly worked with Washington, D.C. organizations such as nonprofits, NGOs, consulting and property management firms, government contractors, law firms, and many others including private industry businesses. Through these business relationships, we have gathered the perfect combination of top-notch job candidates and prestigious clients that retain our services to find top quality office personnel.

Simplify the Hiring Process With the Right Temp to Perm Staffing Talent

Do you need someone to step in and get to work immediately? Would you like us to find someone who may want to stay on if the fit is right for both of you? Our talented and dedicated recruiting professionals can help you find the person you need now and for the future.

At Whitman Associates, we continually work hard to enlist and foster top candidates in their respective career paths, so they are completely ready for you when you need them. Our primary goal is to help you hire a D.C. metro area temp who is ready, willing and excited to contribute to your organization.

Our recruiting process includes the following vital steps:

  • Review employees’ resumes to scan for core skills that our D.C.-area clients need most.
  • Meet and interview each candidate for more in-depth screening.
  • Test for technical skills that include the latest software packages.
  • Check references, verify education and perform background checks per your request.
  • Assess language skills, including grammar, spelling and proofreading.

How Do We Find Your Temp to Perm Candidates?

Since 1972, Whitman Associates’ staffing recruiters have consistently focused on our clients’ needs when bringing candidates on board. We have developed and cultivated a spectrum of local channels that give us easy access to Washington, D.C.’s most talented workers.

Our recruiting team finds applicants through:

  • Direct advertising
  • Social media sites
  • Networking events
  • Local and national job boards
  • Job Fairs
  • Referral programs
  • Various job boards and many other areas

This multipronged approach provides us with a variety of energetic and highly motivated candidates who aren’t just looking for any job; they are looking for the right job.

Highly-Qualified Candidates Guaranteed!

“We have worked with Whitman Associates over the past 6 years for temporary services and have found their temps very professional and well-trained. We have also used Whitman Associates to secure permanent placement services for support staff and have been very happy with the experience of the candidates that were interviewed and the staff we have hired.”– Louise A. Kamali, Director, Meetings & Office Services

We encourage you to read our Testimonials for more positive WAI client experiences hiring temps in Washington, D.C.

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If you need to hire a temp in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia or Maryland, we are ready to help. Once you speak with one of our staffing specialists discussing the position and qualifications needed, they begin sourcing candidates immediately looking for those applicants that are best suited to meet your hiring needs.

In addition to filling out our staffing request form below, you can contact our office by telephone or email.

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