Executive Assistant Jobs in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland

Whitman Associates, Inc. has been connecting job seekers in the D.C. area with gainful employment since 1972. Employers use our hiring services when they need properly vetted professionals to work alongside their leadership team members. Our executive assistant jobs are intended for ambitious professionals in D.C., Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, Maryland and Northern Virginia who want to advance their careers by reporting directly to high-level decision-makers.

Executive assistant experience is an excellent pathway to a variety of career goals in D.C. and beyond. By working directly for an executive, you’ll see how decisions are made at an organization’s highest levels and have a chance to network with business leaders in the region.

Female executive assistant on the phone and holding papers while walking into a building

Work alongside D.C. area decision-makers

Executive assistants are essential team members, carrying out day-to-day office tasks for an organization’s executive team. In this role you will be screening calls, managing calendars, preparing reports and potentially corresponding with a board of directors. Excelling as an executive assistant in D.C. means you will be noticed by top decision-makers in your organization, giving you networking opportunities that most other office roles will not.

Since this role is so essential to the efficient operation of an organization, D.C. area employers prefer to fill their vacant executive assistant jobs with candidates from reliable sources. Whitman Associates has been servicing this sector for over 50 years and have connected employers with temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent executive assistants that they can count on. If you have prior experience as an executive assistant, we can connect you with rewarding opportunities with top employers in the D.C. area.

Being an executive assistant is not necessarily an entry-level role – though it certainly can be. An executive assistant job can be the start of a career that has a six-figure income in the future, and Whitman Associates is the best-equipped service in the Washington D.C. area to get you started on that career trajectory.

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Find your next opportunity with Whitman Associates

We work with you to refine your resume and connect you with the best possible opportunities. Your placement may lead to permanent employment or may be temporary. If the placement comes to an end, we’ll be there to help you find the next opportunity, adding the newly-earned experience to your resume. In this way, we can connect you with increasingly prestigious executive assistant jobs in the D.C. metro area including Arlington County, Alexandria, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County.

Employers in the area know us for our ability to understand their needs and vet talent. Get in touch with our placement team to start your executive assistant career or to find your next opportunity.