Tips for Making a Good First Impression

There are several situations in which job seekers need to make good, lasting first impressions.  It starts with your resume and cover letter.  Spend some quality time putting your resume and cover letter together, and have a friend review both to be sure there are no mistakes or grammatical errors.  Also, make sure that both your resume AND cover letter are relevant to each job you apply for before you send them out.  This may require you to make changes to both documents before applying for jobs.

Next comes the phone call from the employer regarding your resume.  You must be prepared for the call!  Keep a pad of paper and a pen near your phone.  If you miss the call, be sure to call back promptly, and be ready to discuss your resume and take down information if necessary.  You should also make sure to speak in an upbeat, clear manner, and be enthusiastic about the position.

The last first impression generally comes when you get the in-person interview.  Of course you should dress professionally for your interview, but you also must act professional.  Be yourself, but don’t be too casual with your interviewer or anyone else in his/her office.  Make sure to smile, be friendly, and ask questions that make it obvious you are interested in the job.

The first impressions you make will likely be lasting impressions.  Making sure they are great impressions is the first step towards acquiring a new job.

WAI Staff

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