Tips for Filling Out a Job Application

Filling out a job application is one of the first steps towards getting the job.  It is very important that the application is complete, accurate, honest and legible.  The way the application is filled out will show the employer the importance you place on the job and demonstrate attention to detail and the ability to follow directions.  Three main points to remember when filling out the application are:

1.  Information: Make sure that you bring with you all the relevant information that you might need to complete the application.  Bring with you addresses, phone numbers and references.  It is important that the information be up to date and accurate.

2.  Accuracy/Honesty: Information can always be verified.  It is important that you tell the truth about dates, titles and tasks that were completed.  Giving the wrong information or stretching the truth can only hurt your chances of getting the job.

3.  Legibility: Make sure your application is legible by using correct spelling and grammar.  Always print and use black or blue pen.

The way you present yourself and your application can make all the difference.  By following these suggestions, you will be on the right track to getting yourself the job you want.

WAI Staff

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