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Last week, we posted a tip on how to read job ads and suggested tailoring your resume to be job-specific. Well now, we found a service that will tailor your resume for you! It’s called Resunate and here’s how it works.

To get started, you first have to create an account. Resunate has a free basic plan that allows you to upload and manually edit an unlimited number of resumes, but you can only use the job description Auto-Focus tool three times. There are also several premium plans that offer unlimited use of the auto-focus tool.

After setting up your account, you can upload your resume or import your LinkedIn profile. You then fill in any missing information and format your resume using one of several resume templates based on industry and experience level.

Once you are comfortable with the content and style of your resume, copy and paste a job description onto the site to get your JobFocus score. This is the score that tells you, on a scale of 1-10, how suited you are for that job. Now comes the fun part: the score will highlight which sections of your resume are relevant to the job and which can be edited or deleted. You can edit your resume manually or use the Auto-Focus tool, which will reorder bullet points and remove irrelevant information for you. Once you get your score as close to 10 as possible, you can download the resume and use it to apply or, if the hiring manager has provided an email address, you can send it straight from Resunate.

According to one study, resumes that are pre-screened with Resunate were two times more likely to be called back for an interview than a candidate’s original resume. Since Resunate offers a free plan, it’s worth investing your time in creating a sharper, job-specific resume to help you land that job.


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