Why you need a business card if you are unemployed….

Many times people wrongly assume that if they are unemployed or a recent graduate that they do not need a business card.  This is a very bad assumption.  If you are unemployed you should most definitely have a business card on you at all times.  You never know who you might meet that could lead you to a job.  A business card is, if nothing else, a big reminder on a tiny card.  Most people keep business cards and go through them periodically.

You want to provide people with your information and put yourself out there in the market. Mary Alice Franklin suggests putting your industry or degree on your card.  For instance: “International Relations” or “Automotive Repairs.”  If you have a specialized license or certification, include that (“Licensed Social Worker”) even if you haven’t had a job in that area yet.  All business cards should have:


-Email Address

-Phone number

-Degree or Industry


Additional items you could list:

Website URL (only if you have a professional website that relates to your field)

Job Title, if applicable

Address, if applicable


“Where can I get my business card?”

You can save money and buy the paper from an office supply store and print them yourself using Microsoft Office or a similar program.  If you want more professional cards, you can check out VistaPrint or other similar companies.


“Who should I give my cards to?”

Everyone!  Ok, maybe not everyone, but networking is the key.  If your friend says, “My uncle works in that industry, you should talk to him,” ask if you can give him your business card.  When you see an opportunity, don’t hesitate.  Doing nothing is the worst thing you can do.  Always make sure you have plenty of cards on you when you go to any type of networking event, career fair or interview.

Good luck and happy printing those business cards.