Make a Job Search Log!

Job Search Log


Searching for a job is tough – it’s exhausting, time-consuming and nerve-wracking. You’ve sent out reams of resumes, called countless companies, sent out endless emails, and joined job sites you never knew existed.

How do you know when to follow up, when to send your resume again, when to send a thank-you card??

Easy! Make a job search log!

Take a few extra minutes to set up a simple spreadsheet. It may seem like an annoying chore, but it will relieve a lot of tension and give you a sense of control.

Create fields for Date Sent, Company, Job Title, Contact Info, Resume Version Sent, Date for Follow Up, Passwords/Usernames, etc. Then, just fill in the blanks!

Try to get into the routine of entering your info shortly after you send out a resume or make a call. If it is just too tedious to enter your data every time you take an action, scribble down the pertinent information on a sheet of paper. Make a stack, and then do your data entry in batches.

Making a job search log is guaranteed to help you keep your sanity during this trying process. Try it!