Business Cards for the Unemployed Job Seeker

While business cards are typically used by working professionals to stay connected in their industry, unemployed job seekers can also benefit from the use of a personal calling card. You might not have a title or company to list on your card, but you can still include vital information that you can pass along to potential employers or networking contacts. We’ve included a sample business card for an unemployed job seeker below:

John Doe

Administrative Assistant

(555) 555-5555          Washington, DC







Pertinent information to include would be your personal contact information, your address or city, and links to your professional social media pages. Including your most recent or desired title is optional. At the end of an interview, we recommend you hand these cards out to your interviewer(s), so they know where to contact you to follow up for another interview or to present you with a job offer. Also, these cards are great to have on hand when you meet a new networking contact that you want to stay in touch with. We also recommend providing your networking contacts with a few copies of your card, so they can hand them out at their own discretion to potential employers. Overall, personal business cards are a great idea for the unemployed job seeker, because they allow you to connect with the people who can help you land your dream position!