Recruiting Trends To Watch In 2019

Each year, HR leaders anticipate learning about — and possibly adopting — a new crop of recruiting trends. It probably comes as no surprise that 2019 is brimming with its share of innovative hiring ideas and strategies.

Since recruiting has shifted so drastically over the past few years, it is more important than ever to keep up with all the latest industry inclinations to make sure you reach and attract the best talent to your organization.

Our recruiting specialists have discovered five trends to help you navigate and streamline your upcoming year in recruiting:

1. Employer Branding

There is no denying that hiring leaders are working in a candidate-driven market and must adjust accordingly. One way to meet this challenge is through the use of a focused marketing strategy to build your organization’s brand.

Forbes recommends working with a marketing team to come up with your ideal branding, using some of the following tactics:

  • Define how you want your company to be seen in the eyes of prospective employees — in terms of company culture and overall mission.
  • Make sure your reputation is in good condition, since 69 percent of jobseekers recently shared that they would decline a job with a company with a bad reputation, according to a recent survey.
  • Develop an employee value proposition that provides appropriate benefits in exchange for the education, skills and experience that a candidate can bring to the organization.

2. Inbound Talent Recruiting

Marketing strategies have evolved to tap into the vast resources available online. Since 45 percent of jobseekers check their mobile device at least once each day for a new job, this strategy continues to gain traction. With inbound marketing techniques such as search engine optimization and search engine marketing, you can effectively use various media to attract, convert and engage the talent needed for a given position.

3. Candidate User Experience

Candidate user experience refers to your prospective employees’ overall experience with the recruiting and hiring process — from filling out the application to orientation day. Your talent’s positive recruiting process will ultimately help your organization build its brand.

A positive candidate user experience might include the following features:

  • Simple and flexible application process: Provide a simple application process online and in your office.
  • Allow for initial phone or Skype interviews: Offer to perform the first round of interviews via telephone or Skype for added convenience.
  • Follow up with the candidate: A short note or form letter informing candidates of your choice of another candidate can spare your organization poor online reviews.

4. Text-Based Recruiting

Decades into texting, and many hiring managers have left text-based recruiting as one of the last media holdouts. However, given the employee shortage and the fact that today’s younger workers are texting devotees, it seems that HR representatives and recruiting specialists are ready to fully embrace this communications medium.

Here are a few reasons that text-based recruiting is highly likely to be a trend in 2019:

  • Texting has become the top form of communication among generations actively seeking employment.
  • Texting is quick and convenient while still personal and confidential.
  • The Society for Human Resource Management reports that recruiters receive relatively high response rates when using texting as the prime communication mode with talent.

5. Collaborative Hiring

Collaborative hiring may involve your HR department, managers from other departments and a trusted recruiting team. Together, you can all work to find excellent hires and avoid high-turnover rates.

Are You Interested in Learning More About These Recruiting Trends?

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