Temp of the Month December 2022: Chris Baiza

Chris and his family have recently relocated to Andrews AFB, Maryland after living in Las Vegas, NV for the past 10 years. His wife is in the US Air Force and received a Change of Duty Station Orders to relocate to Maryland.

Chris has a background in Market Research and Customer Service. He worked for CBS Television City for 10 years in Las Vegas. He connected with Whitman Associates in September 2022 and was quickly placed in a role as a Property Administrator. Though a bit overwhelmed initially, he was was able to adapt to this new role and looks forward to learning and taking on more job functions and responsibilities in the future.

Chris also has three children, the oldest is 18 years old and a recent high school graduate, his middle child is 16 years old, and the youngest is 15 years old. In his spare time Chris spends time with his family; they like to do a variety of things such as hiking, antique shopping, going to the beach, streaming movies, and playing video games. Chris loves collecting anything Star Wars related and comic books.

He is thankful to be working with and representing Whitman and Associates, and looks forward to all the potential opportunities that may be offered in the future.

Temp of the Month November 2022: Romona Morton

Romona is a senior administrative professional with over 27 years of experience providing executive level operational, strategic, and program support to C-level executives, their teams, and the organizations they lead. She has been affiliated with Whitman Associates for 20+ years.

One of Romona’s winning work philosophies is that she brings her whole self to work with a spirit of fulfillment, service and authenticity. This has not only allowed her to find purpose in her work assignments, but to fully engage, continue to learn, inspire others, and thrive.

She is a proud mother, a board member of the non-profit Yet Stand, Inc., advocates for mental health for urban youth, enjoys competitive writing, and has authored several short stories.

Temp of the Month October 2022: Allison Gartner

Allison Gartner is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Wildlife Conservation. She has enjoyed working with Whitman Associates because it has given her the opportunity to participate in different professional assignments that have helped her personal and professional growth.

She loves to do anything outdoors and spend time with family and friends during her free time. Her favorite color is purple, favorite animal is an owl, and loves anything chocolate. She enjoys staying active and trying new things. She hopes to visit all the National Parks and travel the world in the future.

Temp of the Month September 2022: Clarice Bhattacharya

WAI 2022 September Temp of the Month.Idea-driven, artist, and a communications professional, Clarice Bhattacharya is an urban vagabond, lover of all things chocolate and holds a Masters degree in Strategic Communication from George Washington University.

Clarice has lived in Washington D.C. for three years where she has been exposed to exciting new people, interesting perceptions, and opportunities that have helped shape the person she is today. Clarice loves working with Whitman because of how lovely everyone at Whitman is and the quality of professional assignments that are offered. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, reading and lying on the grass on sunny mornings.

Temp of the Month August 2022: Lesleyan Jackson

Lesleyan Jackson is a native Washingtonian with a love for education, health and wellness. Lesleyan holds a bachelors degree in Health Policy and Administration from Penn State University and a Masters degree in Public and Community Health from Trinity Washington University. Lesleyan’s passion for health advocacy has afforded her a wealth of professional experience throughout Washington, D.C.

Lesleyan loves working with Whitman because of the wide range of quality professional assignments offered. In her spare time Lesleyan enjoys traveling the United States and abroad, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Temp of the Month July 2022: Doris Collins

Doris retired four years ago after working in senior management positions in private industry. Her positions were through Whitman Associates. She is also an Air Force veteran. During the school year, she works as a substitute teacher and teaches 5th – 6th grade Sunday School. Doris is also completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education.

Doris continues to work for Whitman and especially enjoys working special events assignments. She enjoys crafts and is an avid reader. Additionally, every chance they get, she and her husband spend time in North Carolina and traveling throughout the United States, especially in Florida and Virginia Beach.

Temp of the Month June 2022: Sandy Moore

Prior to working for Whitman Associates, Inc., Sandy worked for SkillsUSA, a nonprofit for students in trade and technical education. While there she was the administrative assistant to the executive director for 18 years.

As the executive director’s assistant, Sandy maintained his busy travel schedule, managed and planned all of his scheduled meetings and coordinated every aspect of the company’s board and conference meetings with various departments within the company. The skills Sandy has learned working at SkillsUSA has prepared her for her current job with Whitman Associates, Inc. In her spare time, she enjoys walking her two dogs, small group bible studies and visiting family
in Louisiana.

Temp of the Month May 2022: Shawnte Morris-Gray

Prior to working for Whitman Associates, Inc, Shawnte supported the federal government working as a contractor for Culmen International, LLC. This included working for over 13 years supporting the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration maintaining the travel budget and handling travel logistics for Federal employees as well as supporting Federal management with various administrative and Human Resources operations.

Shawnte holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Stratford University and is a commissioned Virginia Notary Public. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to new places and spending time with family.

Temp of the Month April 2022: Lilly Karim-Nejad

Lilly graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She plans to attend law school in the fall, and hopes to find a career that merges her interest in the law and passion for environmental science and urban sustainability. While at Mason, she was a member of the 17 Rooms-U Team, a collaborative effort to implement the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals on campus and in the Fairfax community.

Outside of work and school, she enjoys weightlifting and going on runs in downtown DC. In addition, she loves watching documentaries and reading about all things related to world history and ecology.

Temp of the Month March 2022: Santana Holmes

Santana graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. While at Kent State, she was a Student Manager at Starbucks, her favorite coffee shop. She was also a board member for KSU’s Focus on the Future for two years.

In her spare time, she enjoys exercising, shopping, listening to podcasts, watching Netflix and talking to friends. Her favorite Netflix series is Bridgerton. Santana also enjoy traveling and was able to travel to another country for the first time in 2019.