Employment and temporary staffing agencies can be an excellent resource in your job search.

Temp (short for “temporary”) agencies recruit and assign employees to short-term job assignments. They are sometimes known as staffing services or contract firms. When the employer no longer needs the staff member, a worker’s short-term assignment is complete. The temp agency then looks for another job assignment for the worker.

Benefits of using a temp agency and doing temporary work according to iseek.org:

  • Gain skills and work experience.
  • Have a source of income while looking for work.
  • Obtain free training.
  • Increase networking contacts.
  • Have more flexible hours or working conditions to accommodate your personal situation.
  • Check out an employer or an occupation before making a commitment to it.
  • It’s easier to get a job when you have a job.
  • Sometimes employers offer permanent positions to temp workers who work out well.

Here are some additional tips if you are considering employment with a temp agency:

  • Be professional in all dealings. Treat agencies as you would a potential employer. In the case of temp agencies, they are employers.
  • Be available. Most agencies expect you to make yourself available when they offer you placement. If you turn down more than a couple of opportunities, they may not be as quick to consider you for future ones.

WAI Staff

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