When to Update Your Resume

We have previously mentioned that your resume should be updated frequently, because you never know when you will be back in the job market. As your career evolves and changes, so must your resume. If you are vigilant about updating your resume through the course of your professional career, you will not need to worry about completely overhauling it every time you reenter the job market. Below you will find a list of specific times to update your resume:

  • If you are promoted: A promotion means a new title and new responsibilities, both of which are important to note on your resume. Potential employers like to see growth on a resume and increases in responsibility.
  • If you relocate: Be sure to list your new home and/or office address on your resume.
  • If you change departments: Working in a different department will give you exposure to new parts of the company, which could be relevant to your job search in the future.
  • If your phone number/email address changes: Forgetting a minor resume change such as new contact information could potentially harm you in your future job search. Employers will not be able to contact you if you forget to update your phone number.
  • When you start a new job: It’s a good idea to update your resume upon starting a new position. You will be positive of your start date, and you will have access to the full description of your new responsibilities from the posting you applied to.
  • When you apply for a new position: You should tailor your resume to each job you apply for. Highlight the skills and experience on your resume that are noted in each job posting.
  • Before you go to an interview: Prior to going on an interview, review and update your resume for any minor errors or typos.
  • Before posting it on an employment search engine: Recruiters constantly scan resumes posted on job sites, so make sure yours is fully updated to increase your chance of catching a recruiter’s eye.
  • If you work any temporary jobs between permanent positions: Be sure to note any work that you do as a temporary employee. Each temporary assignment gives you exposure and experience in a new environment, which could impress potential employers in the future.
  • If you complete an education or certification program: Typically, your education is equally as relevant as your work experience to potential employers. Make sure your resume shows every degree you have earned, as well as any certifications you may have. Software or technical classes are also important to note.

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