Updating Your Work Wardrobe

Working a full-time position in an office environment can lead you to develop some very repetitive routines. While having a routine can help you get to work on time or serve as a checklist to make sure your daily assignments are completed, it can also be pretty boring. Make sure your daily work attire doesn’t fall into the same boring routine, and use your outfit choices as opportunities to spice up your day-to-day. Plus, your coworkers are probably just as bored of seeing you wear the same outfit every Tuesday. Check out our advice below to see how you can overhaul your work wardrobe with a few simple tricks.

  1.  Take inventory of your closet:
  • Go through every item in your closet and take stock of what you have. You may have forgotten about an old item that got pushed to the back, or maybe a new piece that you forgot you ever bought.
  1. Get rid of anything that no longer fits:
  • While taking inventory of your closet, take out anything that doesn’t fit or you know you will never wear again. Removing these items can make space for new pieces and make your morning outfit choice less confusing.
  1. Put away out of season clothes:
  • Having summer clothes in your closet through the winter season can also lead to confusing morning decisions. Don’t tempt yourself to wear a summer dress in the winter by convincing yourself you can pair it with stockings to pull it off.
  1. Try new combinations of the same pieces:
  • While you might have bought a certain top to go with a particular pair of pants, considering new combinations can help you spice up your wardrobe without spending extra money.
  1. Buy a few new accessories:
  • You can rejuvenate a tired look by pairing it with new accessories. Consider adding a pop of color to a neutral outfit with a bright necklace, or pairing a sharp, patterned tie with your favorite button-down. A new pair of shoes or a new belt could also breathe life into a boring outfit.


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