How to Succeed as a Temporary Employee

As we have mentioned time and time again, working as a temp while you pursue a permanent job can benefit you in numerous ways, including helping you find that ideal position! Although, keep in mind that the work doesn’t end once you register with one or more staffing agencies. The work you do as a temp could greatly benefit or hurt you in the long run. Find out what you need to do to succeed as a temp in our advice below:

  1. Show Interest:
    • First of all, it’s important that you show the agencies you’re registered with that you’re interested in working. Agencies are more likely to call temps who are ready and eager to start working.
    • Instead of waiting around for the agency to call you with an assignment, check in with them regularly to let them know you are still available and eager to work.
    • It’s also important that you show interest in your temp work while on assignment. A temporary job could be the gateway to a permanent position, so make sure your onsite supervisor sees that you care about doing a good job and making a good impression.
  2. Be Dependable:
    • If you are frequently late for assignments, make a lot of excuses, and/or fail to show up at assignments all together, your agency will be a lot less likely to keep calling you with work. They need to trust that you will be at an assignment on time because it’s not only your professional reputation at stake, theirs is too!
    • You should treat temporary work the same as you would any other position. The professionals who do well in temporary assignments are the ones who end up being offered permanent positions with the companies they temp for.
    • You should aim to consistently show up early or on time for assignments, turn in all of your projects on time, and avoid taking time off.
  3. Be Available:
    • If you turn down every assignment you are offered by your agency, they will eventually stop calling you. If you always seem to be busy and you’re never available to pick up work, your agency will assume that calling you for assignments is a waste of their time.
    • Most staffing agencies get a lot of one or two day assignments with little notice. Frequently, they will get calls from clients requesting someone to come in that very same day. If you are always available to work with little to no notice, your agency will appreciate your availability and dependability, and they will call you more frequently.
    • When an agency gets a new temp assignment in, they will immediately start making calls and sending out emails until they fill the opening. You should always keep your phone on, and be aware that a missed call from your agency can very well mean the loss of a great opportunity.

Follow these tips and you will be guaranteed to succeed as a temporary employee and make your transition into a permanent employee that much easier.

WAI Staff

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