Facing Rejection In Your Job Search

Unless you get an offer from the first job you apply to, you will probably face a lot of rejection during your job search. Maintaining a positive, upbeat attitude can be the key to a successful job hunt, so don’t let the rejection get you down.

Grow a thick skin and accept that you probably won’t hear back from most of the jobs you apply for. Interviews can be difficult and some hiring managers will want to challenge you, so be prepared to work for the job you want. A thick skin will definitely help you withstand the rejection you may face over the course of your job search.

It’s also important that you don’t take the rejection personally. You have certain experiences and skills that you can offer an employer and they might not be a perfect fit for every job opening. It’s not your fault (or the employer’s) if you don’t have the exact perfect skill set for the job you want, so don’t take it as a personal slight if you don’t receive an offer.

You should learn from your experiences during your job search, whether they are positive or negative. Each interview you go on can serve as practice for future interviews. Every interaction you have with a potential employer will further develop your professional communication skills. Rather than be disappointed in a missed opportunity, use it to improve yourself so you can increase your chances of getting the next job you apply to.

Lastly, whatever you do, don’t give up! The only way you will get a job is to keep applying, interviewing, and putting yourself out there. Don’t get discouraged by the rejection, use it as inspiration to work harder!

WAI Staff

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