Who’s Getting Hired?

Have you ever gone on a job interview where you feel like things went well, but then you don’t receive an offer? Instead, the hiring manager tells you, “You are a strong candidate, but unfortunately we chose someone who was a little more qualified for the position.” In this situation, you are probably dying to know who that other candidate was and what they had to offer that you didn’t. Below, we have created the “perfect candidate” – the person who walks into a job interview and wins over the hiring manager every time. Here is what the perfect candidate has to offer:

The perfect candidate:

  • … is always dressed appropriately for an interview. They look polished and professional, and they wear a confident smile.
  • … brings their resume with them to every interview. On their resume, they have few to zero gaps in their employment history and a clear progression of growth throughout their career.
  • … is always on time and prepared for their interview.
  • … seems eager, excited, and interested in the open position.
  • … answers the interviewer’s questions with thoughtful, clear, and articulate responses. They do not say “um” or “uh” to fill in gaps in their thought process.
  • … can clearly explain why they are interested in the open position and why they are qualified.
  • … has received great references from their former supervisors supporting their claimed experience and qualifications.
  • … is easily reachable for potential employers. They answer their phone, respond quickly to emails, and/or return missed calls promptly.

No matter what position you interview for, you should always aspire to be the fabled “perfect candidate.”  You will definitely have competition for every job you seek, so make sure you are presenting yourself as the best candidate out there!

WAI Staff

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