Interview Prep

After applying to tons of different opportunities, it can be such a relief to receive an interview request, but the hard work does not end there! Now that you’ve acquired an interview, you need to prepare yourself to ensure that you take full advantage of the opportunity.

The article linked below has provided an outline for a helpful Interview Prep Worksheet, which we recommend you create for yourself before each interview. The worksheet is broken up into sections, as listed below:

Basic Information

  • Position You’re Interviewing For
  • Interviewer Name/Title
  • Company Name
  • Interview Date and Time
  • Address


  • What does the company do?

Before figuring out how you could succeed at the company, you need to research what they do and who they are.

  • Identify the skills required for the position

Now that you know what the company does, you need to figure out what skills you would bring to their open position.

  • Name at least one industry “trend” or hot topic that might affect this company

This will give you an opportunity to show your knowledge and interest in the company’s industry.

Personal Themes

Now that you have learned about the company and the position, you need to market yourself as a viable candidate. You need to be able to explain to your interviewer exactly why you are a great fit and what skills you will bring to the table. Write up a few bullet points or sentences describing yourself and your qualifications so that you are ready to answer any question your interviewer throws at you.

Questions for the Employer

Come up with questions that you can ask your interviewer about the position and the company. Avoid asking any questions that could easily be answered through a basic Internet search, and avoid asking about salary or benefits in a first round interview.

It’s best to come prepared with more questions than you think you will need, because it’s better to be over prepared than under prepared. Also, don’t rely on the assumption that questions will occur to you throughout the course of your interview.


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