Working Remote

For many of us, remote work is something new and exciting, but it also requires diligence to stay productive and engaged. We are grateful to our clients for enabling our employees to work as much as they can in these very unusual circumstances. We also recognize that this may be a new way of life for many. We must all be aware that it is our responsibility to provide our very best each day whether we are working remotely or physically in the office. We are accountable for our productivity while out of the office just as we are when in the office. A couple of key points:

  • You are getting paid to WORK remotely
  • Prepare for you workday just as you would if going in-person
  • Be grateful your commute is so peaceful
  • Be on-time just as if you were commuting to work
  • Be prepared to intentionally engage with your manager:
    • Ask the manager for a schedule of the day’s work
    • Demonstrate progress on the work assignment
    • Notify the manager of task completions
    • Schedule your lunch break (the manager knows you’re off-line)
    • Be accessible (chat, text, call, video) during the entire work day

There are many tools and methods that enable you to be productive and remain engaged during your work-at-home opportunity. While this is a new initiative for most employees and employers, some industries have been leveraging mobile employees at home, off-site, or on the road for many years.

Don’t be alarmed if the company you are employed by asks to load virtual private networking (VPN) access applications on your desktop, tablet, or phone. Recognize that companies engaging in tele-work are exposing themselves from a security perspective. They have a right to protect their company, their mission, and their intellectual property. As an employee, you have an obligation to comply with their security requirements and you must follow their policies when connected to their network.

WAI Staff

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