How to Earn Respect in the Workplace

Every professional seeks to earn the respect and approval of their boss and coworkers. Earning that respect requires more than just showing up to work on time and taking care of your basic responsibilities. Below, we’ve listed several suggestions of ways you can really impress your colleagues, and especially your boss!

  1. Be Agreeable:
    • Being agreeable in the workplace doesn’t mean pretending to like the same shows or music that your coworkers are discussing around the water cooler, or agreeing to get lunch take-out from a sushi place when you are allergic to fish.
    • The typical office is filled with staffers complaining about something, or everything. Stand out by having an upbeat, positive attitude, even when you’re feeling down. Instead of rolling your eyes and sighing when your boss hands you more work, take on your new task with a smile. Being eager and positive will surely make a better impression on your boss than being sullen.
  2. Keep Calm:
    • Everyone makes mistakes and has to deal with unforeseen problems with their work. The important thing to remember is that every challenge you face is an opportunity to shine. Stay calm in stressful situations and show your boss that you are able to handle pressure. In the future, your boss will remember that you kept a level head when your colleagues didn’t.
  3. Go Above and Beyond:
    • As mentioned earlier, showing up for work every day and turning in your work on time is not enough to get you noticed. Handling your basic responsibilities will label you as an average worker, not an exceptional one. Take initiative in every situation possible by going above and beyond your call of duty.
  4. Be Curious:
    • Every job is a huge learning experience, so take advantage of your opportunity to grow as a professional. Ask relevant questions, seek out new responsibilities, and show your boss that you are eager to learn and grow.
  5. Be Proactive:
    • Solve problems as you encounter them instead of waiting for someone else to. When you encounter an issue, don’t wait for your boss to tell you how to fix it. If you are able, figure out the problem for yourself. Good problem solving skills are a benefit to any professional.
    • Turn in assignments early rather than just on time. Beating deadlines is even more impressive than meeting them. Show your boss that you are on top of your game by turning in an assignment on Friday that isn’t due until Monday.

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