An Unexpected Transformation: How To Move From Temp To Full-Time

In 2018, employers have greater access than ever before to an incredibly large pool of candidates. As a result, an increasing number of employers are embracing the luxury of taking their time to find the perfect new team member via hiring people on a temporary basis prior to offering permanent, full-time employment. While this may seem disappointing for those seeking full-time employment, that doesn’t have to be the case. As David Shindler, an employability specialist, explains: “It’s a two-way street, as employers can see how you perform and how you fit in. I know of people who have had jobs created for them as a result of the impact they have made.”

There are a few ways to cross the seemingly gaping divide between temp and full-fledged employee. Below we outline some important actions you can take to help make your dream job into a reality:

Approach Your Temp Job Like a Permanent Employee: This is a new twist on the old adage of “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” As a temp, showing your enthusiasm and commitment by going the extra mile can make an excellent impression on the person you hope will become your future boss.

Do Your Homework. You may have finished school years ago, but a history lesson on your new organization can help you. The better you know the company, the more effectively you can find the areas where the organization can and should grow, take initiative, and become indispensable to the company’s operations during your short time there. Don’t hesitate to prove yourself an engaged, eager student, even in areas where you may not (yet) have any expertise.

Make Friends and Network. Go out to lunch, attend the organizational happy hours, and invite your new coworkers out to coffee. The more authentic relationships you can develop during your time as a temp, the greater the number of advocates you will have in your corner as you work towards a permanent position. Even if a position doesn’t open up where you temp, you never know where your old coworkers may end up!

Generate Value Via Your Fresh Perspective: Pursue both your own mission and assist others in achieving their own by taking advantage of your outsider perspective. Making suggestions will demonstrate that you don’t hesitate to take initiative and can add value to the company.

Patience is a Virtue (Especially for Temps). A week into your new gig is the wrong time to ask your new boss for a full-time job. Instead, ask what type of skillset and/or responsibilities they usually look for in permanent employees. Don’t state your interest verbally; try demonstrating it through your actions! The opportunity to discuss full-time employment will eventually come.

WAI Staff

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