What a Marketing Coordinator’s Job Responsibilities Are and How To Become One

Desk demonstrating a marketing coordinator’s job responsibilities.

Confused by all of the different marketing positions out there? You’re not alone! There are marketing managers, marketing specialists, marketing assistants, marketing analysts… the list goes on. So let’s take a closer look at one of the many marketing positions: the marketing coordinator. 

What are the job duties of a Marketing Coordinator?

Desk demonstrating a marketing coordinator’s job responsibilities.

Typical tasks of a marketing coordinator include entry-level analytics and research related to sales, marketing and development. If you are thinking of changing career paths, it’s important to fully understand the marketing coordinator’s job duties. In terms of how to become a marketing coordinator, many interviewers will ask questions about your understanding of the role. The specifics of each position vary depending on the specific needs of the employer, but the job responsibilities of a marketing coordinator typically include:

  • Conducting market research
  • Analyzing sales data
  • Creating marketing materials
  • Assisting with website SEO
  • Creating marketing timelines
  • Organizing marketing projects
  • Managing digital and social media campaigns
  • Investigating market trends
  • Representing a business at trade shows
  • Collaborating with social media influencers to promote products and services

What are the different types of Marketing Coordinators?

If you want to know how to become a marketing coordinator, it’s useful to understand which type of coordinator you’d like to be. Marketing coordinator roles will vary depending on the type of work that may be needed by a company. 

Below are three common marketing coordinator positions:

Digital Marketing Coordinator

In addition to the job responsibilities of a typical marketing coordinator, a digital marketing coordinator’s job description may include managing digital campaigns designed to drive web traffic to a business, handling social media accounts, or managing the content of blogs and websites for a business. Depending on the size of the organization, these tasks may be handled by one marketing coordinator, or by multiple specialized marketing coordinators. Businesses that have a strong online presence, especially with web stores would be likely to hire this type of marketing coordinator. Candidates with strong computer, social media, and internet savvy, as well as strong writers, can learn to become excellent digital marketing coordinators. 

Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

The duties of a marketing coordinator can also include attending trade shows and events, building relationships with industry partners, and seeking out corporate sponsorships for an organization. Having an outgoing personality is a must for this role, as you will be dealing directly with the public and potential customers on a regular basis. This is a good role for those wanting to learn how to become a marketing coordinator for a larger company. Typically, larger companies or non-profit organizations are more likely to need this type of marketing coordinator based on the job responsibilities. 

Product and Account Marketing Coordinator

The responsibilities of a product and account marketing coordinator may also fall within the duties of a marketing coordinator. This means collaborating with a sales force on building and maintaining a strong client base. They may develop sales programs and informational materials for sales teams, and they often work with other types of marketing coordinators to develop sales plans for specific products. Like marketing and promotion coordinators, these roles require exceptional people skills, so more outgoing social types are frequently drawn to them and will have success learning how to become a marketing coordinator. Businesses with large sales teams often benefit from having product and account marketing coordinators. 

What are the career prospects for a Marketing Coordinator?

A marketing coordinator’s entry-level salary varies based on a candidate’s background. While the marketing coordinator role is often an entry-level position, employers typically require at least an associate’s degree, and often a bachelor’s degree. Some employers may accept industry experience in lieu of a formal education. Marketing coordinators’ job responsibilities most often include reporting to marketing managers, and with the right experience, these positions can frequently lead to promotions to marketing managers. Becoming a marketing coordinator can be the first step towards a larger career in marketing. Driven marketing coordinators who are willing to commit to a company can aspire to reach director-level and even executive roles with the right education and experience. Additionally, the skills learned in the position easily transition to other companies as well, so career mobility is excellent. 

How to become a Marketing Coordinator

The best route to a successful career as a marketing coordinator is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Programs that offer concentrations in social media marketing, business analytics, or consumer behavior may have particular value to a marketing coordinator’s career. Some larger businesses may require a master’s degree in marketing, while smaller organizations may be willing to accept an associate’s degree and work experience in lieu of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Computer screen displaying marketing coordinator job responsibilities.

To really learn the various job responsibilities of a marketing coordinator, job seekers should also try interning or working part-time in marketing, advertising, or graphic design while obtaining their degree. The sooner you learn how to become a marketing coordinator, the more opportunities you will have to gain experience. A temp position in marketing is a great option for students that will provide them with valuable experience and connections in the marketing world. Look for internships or temp jobs that will help you develop a wide skill set or train you in an area that you may be lacking such as graphic design, web development, or social media marketing– all of which are relevant to the marketing coordinator job responsibilities. These positions can often be obtained through staffing agencies such as Whitman Associates, Inc., in the D.C. metropolitan area

Maintaining a professional and active social profile is beneficial in becoming a marketing coordinator. It will demonstrate your social media prowess as you start to look for jobs. Just make sure that your social accounts are positive and present a professional image. In the current job market, many employers will view your resume online, which provides you with an opportunity to link your social profiles to your resume. 

Finally, make sure your resume is up-to-date, clean, error-free and highlights the in-demand skill sets you possess. Your resume should tell the story of you, and be interesting without using nondescript buzzwords. If you’re looking to become a marketing coordinator, tailoring your resume to fit a specific position is a quick way to stand out among applicants. Make sure you highlight areas where the job description and your expertise overlap. 

The varied marketing coordinator job responsibilities result in interesting jobs and exciting career paths. By following these guidelines, you can get in on the ground floor and begin a marketing career that will provide for you and satisfy you for years to come!

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